Online Orders:

Games to download:

Eric's Ultimate Solitaire Eric’s Ultimate Solitaire X — $29.95
(Mac OS X 10.2–10.6. Does not work with 10.7 or above)

Spaceward Ho!Spaceward Ho! 5 serial number — $29.95 or two for $39.95 (New!)

Clan serialClan Lord account with two months free play — $14.95

Dark Castle Return to Dark Castle (Mac OS X) — $29.95

Strategic ConquestStrategic Conquest 4 (OS 7-9) — $24.95

Spaceward Ho!Spaceward Ho! 4 for Windows — $24.95

Eric's Ultimate SolitaireEric's Ultimate Solitaire for Windows — $24.95

Real, physical, CD products to be mailed to you:

Eric's Ultimate SolitaireEric's Ultimate Solitaire X (Mac and Windows) — $37.95

Bridge BaronBridge Baron 17 (Mac and Windows) — $58.95

Clan Lord Goodies:

Extra CharExtra Character — $9.95

Clan MonthClan Lord Extra Month — $9.95

Clan YearClan Lord Extra Year — $79.95

Clan serialMove character between accounts — $9.95

Clan serialUndelete recently deleted character - $9.95

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