Dark Castle Frequently asked questions:

Q: When will Return to Dark Castle be done?
A: When it's ready. We don't announce release dates in advance, because that tends to get embarrassing when we run three years behind schedule.

Q: Is Dark Castle PowerPC native?
A: Yes, it's "enhanced for PowerPC," but it doesn't make much difference. It runs screaming fast even on an LC, so mostly the native code just has the Mac twiddling its thumbs behind the scenes more often.

Q: Is the Christmas tree still there?
A: Of course--but now it's color. This is the most famous Easter Egg ever, so we had to leave it in. We've also added more than a couple of new things to look for.

Q: What, did you just colorize it?
A: Sort of. We hate it when you say that, because there's no code from the original Dark Castle at all. It was all optimized for a 512K Mac in assembly language, and it didn't lend itself to modifications for new System software, sound hardware, and color. In other words, though the game plays almost exactly the same as the original, it was a lot of work to do it. We made a few changes, adding a Novice level, allowing you to save your games, and tweaking the timing of some sections, but we were as true to the original as possible. We also added a "secret level" that even I don't know how to get to.

Q: Secret level?
A: I'll post more about it when I know more. I hear that you have to go somewhere you don't normally go, but that's about all I know. It involves pulling four secret hidden chains without dying.

Q: Will it run on my PowerBook?
A: Yes. Personally, I find it kind of hard to aim with the trackball, but maybe that's just me.

Q: Will you do Beyond Dark Castle, too?
A: No. But Return to Dark Castle will probably include the complete guts of the first two games.

Q: Does it come on CD now?
A: Nope, we managed to squeeze it onto two 1.4 meg floppies. RTDC will be on CD.

Q: I was a registered owner of the old Dark Castle. Can I upgrade?
A: Yes, we're allowing owners of the Silicon Beach version to upgrade for only $25. However, you won't get any special notification from us about the opportunity--we didn't get much of a database from Aldus/Silicon Beach. Just call 800 827 9316 or 408 730 9336 and tell John you want to upgrade.

OK, I'm just making these questions up now. Send in your own, and I'll make a new list. I'm going to be more frequent in my announcements on this mailing list.

Q: How much is it?
A: It's $34.95, but you can get a $5 discount from 800 827 9316 if you ask nicely for the web discount.

Q: Will it be in stores soon?
A: It was in, now it's mostly out. Special order it.

Is anybody still listening? Must... add... comedy... Losing... interest... fast...

Q: Who do you Delta Tao guys think you are, anyway?

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