Delta Tao Clan Lord
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Bad Man Mobius


The dark lord Mobius has just thrown you out of the Empire for crimes against the Ascendancy. A new life in exile is your destiny, and your new home is unlike the world you once knew.

Welcome to Puddleby, outpost town in the Lok’groton island chain.

Clan Lord is a world of high fantasy role-playing on the Internet. Join thousands of players around the world exiled to a dangerous island chain threatened by monsters, sorcery, and political strife. Not just hack and slash — heal the wounded, study magic, and solve puzzles.

Some of the great features:

  • No monthly fees!
  • Explore an enormous and constantly growing world
  • Characters work together, not against each other
  • Choose from 7 different races
  • Pick a profession: healer, fighter or mystic
  • Become a Bard! Write and play your own music
  • Form and lead your own clan
  • Socialize with people worldwide
  • Join groups of friends for heroic adventures
  • Gather fame and power — or scheme from the shadows
  • Undertake epic quests and drive the dramatic storyline