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Splash Screen Gallery

Take a trip down memory lane, by viewing our collected “splash screens”.


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Splash Screen
An Early Splash Screen
Fire Drake Fight
Fighting a Fire Drake in the Savannah
Hall of Chivalry
In the Hall of Chivalry
Slime Monsters
Slime Monsters in the East Field
Arachnoid Webs
Webbed by Arachnoids
Orga Camp
Conquering the Orga Camp
Slyphonics Concert
The Slyphonics' First Concert
Kiril Drakesblood
Defeating Kiril Drakesblood
Dark Temple Rescue
A Dark Temple Rescue
Alchemy Lab
Mixing Potions in the Alchemy Lab
Darshak Horde
Attacking the Darshak Horde
Thoom Flags
Thoomish Flag-Waving
Puddleby Monastery
The Puddleby Monastery
West Town Portals
Adventure Among the Portals
Celebrating a Wedding

Thanks to the players who contributed screenshots and movies for this page.