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What’s New (2004)

This page generally only reports changes to the client, and not additions to the world. You'll have to explore to find the additions to the world.

Latest What’s New

12/15/04 v368

  • There will be no v370 Chaos Storm on December 27. v371 will arrive on January 5, 2005, instead. Happy holidays and the best of new years to all.

12/1/04 v366

  • The Arbordale housing complex is now open.

11/3/04 v362

  • Thanks to our tireless volunteer artists for several improvements.

10/20/04 v360

  • We crashed once on October 6 due to gerbil handling error. The owner promises it won't happen again. The record is 708 days.
  • This Chaos Storm will include a brief downtime, around an hour if all goes well, so we can perform some system upgrades.
  • Leftovers from v358: a timing problem with bard duets and trios has been fixed. Pathfinding markers have changed for people who can see a path but can't open it.

10/6/04 v358

  • We crashed twice on September 2. First time in 708 days. The previous record was 154 days. A gerbil was unhappy with the noise in its new living quarters. We gave it tiny earplugs and it's happy now.
  • The new server is otherwise doing very well. DNS has been switched, so "" goes to the right place and nobody should end up on the old server anymore.
  • Ann is back from sabbatical but has very little idea what other changes are in this version. Enjoy.

9/1/04 v353

  • The server is running on a new machine. Although we will do our best to ensure smooth and uninterrupted service, it's possible that the new server may be somewhat less stable for a time. It's also possible that character creation and account renewals may have problems. We'll fix anything that comes up as quickly as we can.
  • Update: In some cases, the client may connect to the old server rather than the new one after updating to v353. Opening your Proxy preferences and checking, then unchecking, the top checkbox should reset it. If that doesn't work, set your proxy to We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Ann will be taking a sabbatical for the month of September, so there will be no v355 update. The next one will be v358, on October 6.
  • Participants in the most recent server test now have their ranks, with no special message.
  • How many different kinds of fish have you caught? (If you've tried fishing before, try it again.)
  • The "mirror quest" should be somewhat easier now.
  • The permits for the treetop housing complex are nearly ready. It's mostly waiting for more building materials now.

8/18/04 v351

  • The update crashes for users of the PPC, 68k, and fat clients have been fixed.
  • Any participants in the load tests of a few weeks ago who didn't get their rank(s) when they logged in during the previous update will have them (with no special message) now.
  • If you're using the standard icon (either armed or unarmed), the new /options icon <armed, unarmed> command lets you change between those two choices.
  • Unrevealed characters who haven't chosen another icon now use the armed one. You can change that using /options.
  • A new icon for males of the People is available as a choice in the fairgrounds hut.
  • An existing low- to mid-level area has been expanded.
  • There are some really nasty things brewing way back in the eastern reaches of the island...

7/21/04 v347

  • Delta Tao's website has moved. We don't expect any difficulties with update files, but if you encounter any problems, check the Clan Lord Sentinel or the in-game /news for information.
  • This update is unusually large. After it has downloaded, it may take several minutes to uncompress and install itself, especially on slower machines. A progress bar should appear for most versions of the OS, but may be missing from some older systems. Please be patient -- forcing the client to quit in the middle of installing the update will probably mean you have to download the whole image file again.
  • Update update: Many people have experienced a client crash as soon as the image update has finished uncompressing. We are working on the problem, and apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, simply relaunching the game will work, and it should be stable thereafter.
  • New icon choices for some races are available in the hut in the fairgrounds. Others will show up as soon as our much-appreciated volunteer artists have them ready.

7/7/04 v345

  • Delta Tao's website will soon be moving. We don't expect any difficulties with web pages or update files, but if you encounter any problems, check the Clan Lord Sentinel or the in-game /news for information.
  • The new icons are still on display in the fairgrounds for testing. These are proposed as replacements for the current ones. Please give any additional feedback with /bug.
  • Some problems moving furniture have been fixed.

6/23/04 v343

  • Clan Lord shirts and posters are available in three different designs so far. Got an idea for a new shirt? We're offering in-game prizes for any design we use.
  • In response to recent feedback, icons of the People have been restored to their previous versions.
  • Thanks to our tireless and dauntless volunteer artists, several improved icons are on display in the fairgrounds for testing. Although other icons will also soon be available as additional options, these are proposed as replacements for the current ones. Please give feedback with /bug.
  • Some problems with housekeys have been fixed, and furniture has been Tinkered with.
  • Bard instruments and sheet music have more new features.

6/9/04 v341

  • Self-aware healers can /examine their moonstones while fallen.
  • Bard instruments, folders, and sheet music have some new features.

5/26/04 v339

  • Certain bard duets and trios that were failing should work properly again.

5/12/04 v337

  • Bard instruments have some new features. Experiment, or see the announcements on the CLBard mailing list.

4/28/04 v335

4/14/04 v333

  • Housing is available for testing in the fairgrounds.

3/31/04 v331

  • The war memorial has been repaired.

3/17/04 v329

  • Thinking that nothing interesting is happening might be foolish.

3/3/04 v327

  • Thoom healers fit in certain trees again.

2/4/04 v323

  • This update is unusually large, thanks to some superb new art. Even after it downloads, applying it will take several minutes, during which slower machines may appear to have "hung". Thank you for your patience.

1/7/04 v319

  • The bug that sometimes prevented fallens from following a chainer across snell boundaries has been fixed.
  • Happy New Year!

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