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Clan Lord
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About Clan Lord

Clan Lord is an online community of exiles. It is a game of adventure and fun where players cooperate with rather than prey upon one another. In many ways this game is what you make of it ... almost every clanner has a different opinion of what Clan Lord is, and has a different reason for playing.

Technically speaking, you play by downloading the client software and use your existing Internet service to join the community of exiles in Puddleby. The game uses a simple point-and-click interface that you can customize and even use to record (like a video) your exploits. Whatever you type will appear in a bubble above your character, making communication very easy.

Our free demo lets you get accustomed to using the game before you create your first character.

You can be an obscure mystic, a fierce and cunning fighter, or a powerful healer — all in a world where international players cooperate in their explorations and adventures. You train to improve and gain experience as you go, but the social aspect is much stronger in Clan Lord than other online RPGs. With the exception of certain areas, there is no player-killing allowed in Clan Lord. But there are many island creatures, hostile inhabitants, and the dangerous Darshak cult to keep you on your toes.

The world has existed online for over 10 years and is ever-expanding with new places to explore and new creatures to be encountered. Among the citizens are legends and heroes from the time before and during the great Ripture War. Oh ... and like many conventional role-playing games, there is no way to win Clan Lord.

We hope the following information will help you understand what Clan Lord is all about. And if you haven’t yet, please read the Getting Started page to gain more insight into the game.

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“Remember to eat and sleep ...” — Motto, Clan Lord Anonymous