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Clan Lord
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Try The Free Demo

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Find out what life is like as an exile in Puddleby before you decide to purchase an account. You can actually play a limited version of the game for free by following the instructions below.

If you’ve never played before, we strongly recommend you read our What is Clan Lord and Getting Started pages, or you’ll be horribly confused.

Requires either Mac OS X (10.6+) or Windows 2000 or later; at least a 28.8 kbps Internet connection, and a sense of adventure.

  • Download the latest combined version of the Clan Lord application and data files:

    Mac OS X Demo for Mac OS X (10.6 or higher) (~ 70MB .dmg)
    Windows Demo for Windows (~ 70 MB .zip)

    (Note: The game world is updated every three weeks or so.)
  • Uncompress Clan Lord and run it.

  • Choose “Character Manager” from the “File” menu. Click “Try the Demo!

  • Wait for any updates to be downloaded. The client and data files may be updated separately. (Experiencing difficulties downloading the updates? Help!)

  • Double-click any character name. (They’re all named “Agratis...” so everybody knows they’re a free demo character.)

  • Listen to a few helpful words of advice while you customize your demo character.

  • Meet people and explore the world. Almost anyone should be glad to help you find your way around.

  • Demo characters aren’t saved, and are subject to a few restrictions. They’re also a little stronger than a brand new character, so you can explore a bit more easily.

  • You can play as long and as often as you like. When you’re ready to join for good, just create an account.

  • With the Demo version of Clan Lord, you can also watch movies recorded by people playing the full game. See the Related Links page to find player movie archives.

  • Have fun!