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Legal Notice

Delta Tao Software, Inc. owns everything associated with the Clan Lord universe, including the pictures, sounds, music, client, characters, and world data. Delta Tao rents to players the right to play in that universe.

The Clan Lord world is constantly changing. From time to time the world may change without warning, potentially affecting everything from the very lay of the lands to the pictures and statistics of individual characters.

We endeavor to keep the Clan Lord world server running. However, from time to time interruptions of service may occur, caused by hardware or software problems, internet connectivity problems, or acts of nature. Furthermore, the server is intentionally shut down from time to time to update the world.

Clan Lord players are responsible for keeping their online behavior mature and reasonable. Excessively abusive or harassing behavior or bug exploitation may result in the offending player being permanently ejected from the Clan Lord world, with no compensation.

Account holders are responsible for the actions of all players on that account. Never give out your passwords.

We discourage people from exchanging Clan Lord assets for real money.

Have fun.