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Related Links

If you’ve never played the game, we recommend you visit some of these links and sites to get a better idea of what clanning is all about. Many other excellent and informative sites are available as links from these pages.

Please note, the external sites are not maintained nor endorsed by Delta Tao. Their authors are solely responsible for their content.

Links inside the Clan Lord site

Joe’s FAQ - The president of Delta Tao answers many commonly asked questions about Clan Lord.

Clan Lord FAQ - This player-created FAQ covers a wide range of game topics.

The Official Clan Lord Manual - A web version of the (now somewhat dated) manual that was included with every CD sold. (People who only bought a serial number will find this link most useful.)

Macro Instructions - Official and unofficial manuals, examples, and resources for Clan Lord macros.

Puddleby Map - An official map of the known portions of Puddleby Island, as of year 545 of the Ascendancy. More recent discoveries are not shown.

The History of Shan Deral - Learn about the background of the realms, about the Ascendancy, and the Darshak Cult. Gain an understanding of the lands and various races who live in it.

The Puddleby Ballot Archives - A library of ballots and results from the in-game election hall. Somewhat out of date, alas.

The Newer Puddleby Ballot Archive — More recent balloting results from the election hall.

Official (though rather outdated) Clan List - Clans established in defiance of the Emperor’s edict outlawing them. Not very up to date.

Status Page - Who’s Online Now? Continuously-updated, realtime data about the population and current events of Puddleby.

Puddleby Court Archives - [New in v822!] This historical library is ideal for those looking up town legal cases, or the curious who want to take a peek at the court cases transpiring in Puddleby. (Currently contains all cases from the current year back to Y573. Older cases will be added as archives are unearthed.)

External links

Clan Lord Sentinel - A semi-official discussion board, including in-character and out-of-character forums and a Suggestion Box.

ThoomCare Media Network (TMN) - A great place to find up-to-date, in-character news as well as a wealth of links to other sites.

CLUMP: The CL Unofficial Manual Project - A collaborative site dedicated to producing a usable manual for players of all ranges.

Clan Lord Calendar of Events - A constantly updated calendar showing regularly scheduled hunts, trips and exploration.

Unofficial (but more up-to-date) Clan List - Although outlawed by the Emperor, many clans thrive in the exile islands. These are lists of the registered clans, with contact info and many clan website links.

Clan Lord Links - This extensive collection of user-added links is annotated and sorted into a couple of dozen categories.

Clan Lord Film Vault - A collection of Clan Lord movies of interesting events, to be viewed using the Clan Lord program.

Puddleopedia - Extensive Clan Lord encyclopedia created by players, with character profiles, artwork and just about everything else. - Google Groups archive of Clan Lord discussions from Usenet, before they were moved to the Sentinel.

Previous external links that no longer exist (but, hey... “hope springs external!”)

Clan Lord Macro Archive - Web page devoted to the archival of Clan Lord macros. Users can add their own macros to the page.

The Puddleby Court Archives - This library is ideal for those looking up town legal cases, or the curious who want to take a peek at the court cases transpiring in Puddleby.