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Clan Lord
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The Clan Lord Manual

Coded by Tim Cotter
World design by John Speck
Art and animation by Howard Vives
Produced by Joe Williams


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The Fine Print

We provide this software to you under a license.

You can install Clan Lord on as many Macs as you’d like. You can only play Clan Lord on an official Delta Tao server with a valid serial number.

If for any reason you feel the performance of this software is unsatisfactory within the first 30 days after purchase, you may return it to the place you purchased it for a full refund. We tested Clan Lord under a variety of conditions, and we believe it performs satisfactorily and safely. However, no guarantee can be made that it will function on your machine. Especially if your machine is a toaster.

Under no condition will Delta Tao be responsible for damage to your computer system and/or person (including eyesight damage from playing Clan Lord all hours of the day and night), other than refunding the purchase price of the software, even if we’ve been advised of the possibility of such damage.

Don’t disassemble, hack, reverse engineer, or mess with the Clan Lord program or server. Just play it.

Don’t sue us for any reason, or we’ll stop writing cool games and blame it all on you.

Clan Lord and lots of other things (like monster names) in this manual are trademarks of Delta Tao Software, Inc. Don’t make any other games that use our names. You get the idea.

Congratulations, you have discovered Secret Message #2. We knew somebody read this stuff.